Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Video games

Mark my words: Video games will be the biggest driving factor outside of traditional research for the BCI field. You have at the same time fine and robust input control, reward, motivation, community, and accomplishment all wrapped up in a neat little package. Add to that art, music, plot, and history, and you have a task that not only seems rewarding, but is also life enriching (things that might appear to be lacking in Pong or Super Mario Bros.).

So, I will be adding bits and pieces of video game news, as they pertain to interface and assistive technologies. If you don't like it, too bad. You'll thank me later. (Ask the people that didn't believe me in 1995 when I said the most important advancements in the internet will not be in 'finding' information, but 'filtering' it.)

First, we have One Thumb to Rule Them All, linked from Gizmodo. An inspiring story about a writer and gamer who plays mainstream games with only his thumb (due to spinal muscle atrophy).

Next, we have TecEBlog, with a mini-survey of various alternative input devices, like EOG, EMG, BCI, tongue, etc. Nice little gallery of videos.

And finally, the latest in non-neural, neural control of games, the OCZ Actuator. This has been making the rounds since the press release, and there are plenty of videos on YouTube if you're interested. If you watch carefully, you'll note that the player's muscle movements are driving the game.

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